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It can be a challenge to find suiting support for your ongoing or planned eCommerce project. As a Business Owner or a Project Lead you have to be sure to hire the right people for the success of your project - lets find out if I can assist you with my experience on the eCommerce industry. Want to find out if a feature can be developed or a process could be automated? Microservices? Lets talk!
Image outdated. I now wear glasses.

Broad Technology-to-Business Experience

Find out what experience I bring.
Modern/Progressive Web Applications usually rely on more than a Webserver and PHP-Workers. Nowadays it can be very valuable to bring in more knowledge on Infrastructure and such. See here what I worked with in the past quite frequently. You can use your mouse or your finger, if you're on a smartphone to scroll trough the slider.

Latest projects...

Luxury Fashion RetailActive in: worldwideSoftware: Magento EnterprisePosition: Dev Lead
Pipes and Tobacco AccessoiresActive in: EU, partially worldwideSoftware: Magento 1 & 2Position: Dev Lead
RetailActive in: regionallySoftware: Magento EnterprisePosition: Assisting Developer
AutomotiveActive in: worldwideSoftware: /Position: Magento Consultant

Endless possibilities...

Find out what you can do with the help of Magento and someone who has helped companies to solve exactly those problems:
  • ERP Connection
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Checkout Improvements
  • Performance Improvements
  • Deployment Strategies
  • Template Development
  • Business-Logic Integration
  • Design Component Development
  • Marketing Adaptions
  • Product Merchandising
  • New Relic Integration
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Security Updates
  • API Development
  • ElasticSearch Integration
  • Microservices
  • PWA
  • Module Development
  • HR Assistance
  • Onboarding new Developers
  • Training for Developers
  • Business Consultancy
  • Business-to-Magento Support

Who am I?

My name is Maximilian Graf Schimmelmann but obviously that is a bit long and that's why I simply go by Max mostly. I'm based in Munich, but have worked in Berlin, San Jose and Zurich. I've done my first steps in developing at my early teenager years and became a professional developer in 2015. Before that time I've worked together with many global players and their systems when working for SOFORT ├ťberweisung as a Technical Consultant. FinTechs always amazed me and the breaking-trough of traditional Banking and modern Commerce-Systems are still something I consider to be extremely interesting. From all that experience I've gathered a lot of insights on businesses running worldwide (or just locally), allowing me to help business owners to adapt and to improve their digital Selling platforms to the greatest extend. As you may see I'm not really a Frontend Developer as I rather work solely on the Backend. This website for example relies on pure PHP Code in the generation process, all structure is being generated by PHP and no HTML is written hardcoded. Besides that I like traveling like most people (who doesn't enjoy being on vacation?) but I think that good developers also consider developing as their hobbies. And I like the color blue. :-)
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