Upgrading, Updating and Migration

Update existing platforms, upgrade to newer technologies and mitigate risks

Tech Migration

Why should we mind at all?

This is what most webshop owners ask themselves and like to suppress the fact that updating the online store is not necessarily trivial and can influence established processes and interfaces. Even if you have become accustomed to an existing system and spare costs and efforts, regular updates are enormously important! We show you why you should become active now to update your store system.

The "look" can be an update reason, but even older store systems can be polished up visually with a little more effort. Functionality and security are the primary reasons to keep a store system up to date. In addition, speed and convenience are the main concerns. Customers expectations of an online store are constantly evolving. Not only does the system have to be fast, the experience of the buying process has to be convenient and offer more than the digital image of supermarket shopping.

Growing expectations of an online store

A positive buying experience is what a modern online store has to offer: Your customer logs into your store quickly and easily, ideally with his existing account on Google or Facebook (single sign-on). They then quickly find items that match their preferences and receive recommendations tailored to them (recommendation engine). Payment is also as straightforward as possible and the customer is regularly informed about the whereabouts of his order (track & trace). Depending on the orientation of your web store, your customers goal is to buy as cheaply as possible or to own something of your brand (Pricing Engine & Storytelling).

Mitigate risks

Outdated store systems only offer such functions to some extent at best. Customers are used to much more service than older store systems offer, especially through Amazon. The most obvious weakness of such older systems is the lack of a mobile view. An online store must also look good and function flawlessly on smartphones. Nowadays, it's even the other way around: the online store is built for smartphones and must also look good on large screens. After all, the Internet is visited significantly more often with mobile devices than with classic computers.

Good reasons to update your store system at its core or switch to a new store system. The most important reason, however, is security.

Functional and secure thanks to updates

One of the most important reasons for updating your store system is security. Of course, you would rather invest in things that pay off or are visible right away. However, if you neglect your security because of this, it can end up being extremely expensive. Not only will you incur enormous financial expenses in the event of an emergency to restore your hacked system and have the neglected security holes quickly fixed, but your companies reputation will also be damaged for years.

It already happens frequently

That something happens is more likely than you think: just recently almost 2,000 online stores based on Magento were hacked. In such cases, the hacker uses, for example, the existing security hole of Magento version 1, which is no longer supported, and can exclude tens of online store owners from their own webshop. He demands a ransom for the release, or starts a sellout of items and redirects the money to another account. Of course, the scammed customer data is also extremely interesting for further criminal machinations. And even if a hacker doesn't want to enrich himself financially, but "only" wants to cause damage, you as an online store owner will have massive losses in revenue, because your sales channel will be shut down for weeks.

We can help you

With an up-to-date store system, you not only offer the latest features that your customers simply expect nowadays, but you also protect yourself against hacker attacks and the associated financial damage. The investment in a new and secure store system is disproportionate to the added value you get from the convenient functionality and the elimination of the costs of a possible hacker attack. So check your store system now and make necessary updates.

We have been developing modern and secure eCommerce shops based on Magento 1 and Magento 2 for years - we will accompany you with confidence. Contact us, we will be happy to help you if you have any questions.

Leave the old things behind you!

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