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As an employee, take advantage of further training to be better equipped for changes in the working world. You sharpen your profile and broaden your career prospects. Companies also benefit from continuing professional development: They retain better qualified employees and save themselves the costly and time-consuming recruitment of external specialists. All these points make it clear why continuous training is so important nowadays. Lifelong learning - this is more than just a phrase, it is actually one of the most important challenges in order not to fall behind in the job. Because gaps in knowledge, especially in the area of modern technologies and processes, can lead to poorer positions in the company and result in a lower value of the workforce.

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A key way of not only keeping up in ones line of work, but also gaining entirely new perspectives, is continuing education. Although the Internet is a very important source of specialist solutions in the day-to-day business world, it cannot replace basic, qualified continuing education. Consequently, countless opportunities for continuing education are currently being offered in a wide variety of forms. And more and more employees are making use of these offers to be optimally prepared for new challenges and to have better arguments in salary negotiations. On the other hand, further training serves as a perfect opportunity to create incentives for employees to continue to be part of the company.

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We can bring our broad expertise into your company without actually doing coding or consulting work. Name the thing you're interested in and we will do our best to make you or your employees absolute experts on the matter.