Speak your customers language

Serve all your customers in their language


What is "i18n"?

"I18n" is the short form of the term "internationalization". This refers to creating the conditions for easy translation of a software project into different languages. For example, texts to be output should never appear directly in the program text, but only as a reference to a list of text sections that can be translated individually and independently of each other. Currency and date formats should also be used as flexibly as possible. Because the important word "internationalization" is so unpleasantly long and difficult to type, one occasionally replaces the middle 18 letters "nternationalizatio" simply with the number 18. The actual translation is called "localization", which is consequently often encountered as "l10n".

Speak your customers language

Even if your company resides in only one country, it can happen that expats, foreigners or other interested groups that do not speak your companies language want to buy your items. You will only be able to make the purchase with them if you can deliver your website in their language.


Don't be afraid of other languages. We can help you to bring a good framework into your application to serve more customers in their main language.