Fix bugs, improve the stability

Don't mess with your customers goodwill


Don't bore your customers

Having a stable code base is a must for any company that want to receive good reviews and make their customers happy. There is a good reason why many companies nowadays hire employees to ensure their customers happiness. One of the reasons why customers leave the page is because of bugs, a bad usability or a slow loading time. We have handled a lot of websites so far and know the culprits and the ominous N+1 query issue that slows down plenty of websites out there. For every 100ms loading time that you put on your customer, you increase the chance of them leaving the page again and making the purchase with the competition. Because of this every company seeks for a quality shop or application that does not put their cusotmers happyness and the companies result at risk.

Good code means performance

The biggest Go-Getter for a good revenue with your shop is among some other KPIs the performance of your web application. The faster it is, the more revenue you will make. If you experience your shop being slow, squishy or receives a lot of negative customer reviews it can help to let experts have a look at it to improve the website. Often, the cause is a small piece of code, implemented by young developers with not a lot of skills or simply an outsourced company when their main USP is being cheap. We experienced, that most of the bugs and stability issues are implemented by cost-efficient companies that in the end cost you a huge fraction of your potential revenue. By hiring the right experts you will not just cut your regular costs, you will also increase the permanent turn over of your application.

Get rid of bugs!

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