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Our team consists of a handful of developers, a dedicated Project Manager and a Recruiter for Near-Shore Developers. Nobody in our team is hired from the free market, but we rather met each other when working together on a broad set of different projects. We know what modern businesses need and how we can scale them up, rather than them wasting time and money on recruiting processes with Headhunter consulting firms that are sending unformatted PDF CVs to Deciders just for them to find out it takes many hours to have many tens of tens of talks with people that are not matching the job criteria.

In dedication united

When working together we learned the Pros and Cons when having to deal with grown software projects, diverse and remote teams and many more gears that are counting when mastering all different kind of IT-projects. One of the main issues we faced always is that it is extremely challenging to create strong teams out of a bunch of external Developers, whilst not having the possibility to get a dedicated technical Project Manager from customers. Thats why we decided to join our forces together to create a team that is impossible to beat - both economical and technical. We carry a lot of confidence in our work and never fail to deliver amazing, long-lasting products that our customers just love.

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Maximilian Graf Schimmelmann

Me and my colleagues will try to make your request done in no time. I will make sure that your request will be discussed with our Professionals internally so that we can quickly evaluate how and if our services are suiting your business. I am myself an PHP and eCommerce Expert and will take care together with our Project Manager that your project is in good hands - probably the most skilled ones you can find out there.

I am having myself a decade long experience in the eCommerce industry and have worked for Germanys biggest companies, including Edeka and BMW. Besides that I helped Startups and grown companies to accelerate and start their digital business and have an IHK based economics degree. I combine both the economical and technological knowledge and with my experience in multiple companies I can assist any company in any industry to achieve their goals. Together with my colleagues we are forming an unbreakable team and together we've already worked on a couple of projects successfully.

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No matter if you're a Headhunter or a company seeking professional assistance, send us a message and we will come back at you within no time.