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Magento 2 is a powerful, flexible, and scalable e-commerce platform that can help you create a feature-rich webshop. With its advanced functionality, you can easily manage and organize your products, customize your store design, and integrate with various payment and shipping methods.

It's also SEO-friendly and can be optimized for mobile devices, which can help drive more traffic to your store. Additionally, Magento 2 has a large and active community, which means you can find a wealth of resources and extensions to enhance your store's functionality.

Overall, Magento 2 is a great choice for creating a webshop that can grow and evolve as your business does.

Optimized for growth, scalability and high-performing businesses: Magento 2

We develop reliable onlineshops that are fitted exactly to your business demands.

We help companies to realize their goals in the eCommerce market

Our agency is based in the beautiful city of Augsburg, Germany, but our team sits in all around Europe. We are passionate about building top-notch software and solutions for our clients. We understand ourselves as coders by heart, not by projects. As a Sylius + Magento agency, we try to deliver qualitative products for our clients in Europe and all over the world. Our team of skilled engineers takes pride in creating innovative and user-friendly online stores for businesses of all sizes and forms. From custom designs and plugin development to payment gateways and a broad set of integrations, we've got you covered.

And to help drive traffic and boost sales, we also offer a range of digital marketing services. If you're looking for a eCommerce agency in Augsburg, you just found your perfect match.

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Technologies we use

Vue Js
Css 3
Docker Compose
Graph Ql
Magento 1
Magento 2
React Native

What our clients say about us

When it comes to implementing challenging eCommerce projects, the guys of Schimmelmann eCommerce are the perfect match for the job. From kickoff to implementation to ongoing support: I really appreciate their eCommerce-, process- and interface expertise, their conceptual and solution-oriented thinking, and their reliability. Working with the team of Schimmelmann has always been totally pleasant and goal-oriented - I am looking forward to the next projects with them.

Jonas Reitz

CEO BrightDynamic

The cooperation with Maximilian Graf Schimmelmann was always to our satisfaction. We found the rapid resolution of errors in our productive system and the professional manner of communication to be extremely goal-oriented. Thanks to their support, we were able to launch new customer acquisition tools, which we have now been using for many years. We are looking forward to further projects with Max and his team.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Andrea Rögners

Vice Rector Innovation & Development Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Switzerland

Over the past few years we have worked a lot with Schimmelmann eCommerce together, not for eCommerce solutions, but for general digitization projects that we have run in-house with the great assistance of especially Maximilian Graf Schimmelmann. In the past years we've been able to decrease our costs for our IT Management heavily and freed time of our employees to do different tasks without being blocked with slow, old processes.

Marco Preis

CEO Preis Kanalbau GmbH

Our partnership with Maximilian Graf Schimmelman on multiple projects has been truly exceptional. We were highly impressed with the level of professionalism & technical expertise demonstrated by the company throughout all stages of the project. They have been highly responsive and attentive to our needs, which has greatly contributed to the success of the project. I cannot recommend the company Maximilian Graf Schimmelman enough for their exceptional competence and customer service.

Manuela Winter

CEO Netstrada

We usually have our skills in-house but not everything can be done with the talents you have employed already. Thanks to the consulting of Maximilian Graf Schimmelmann and his team we were able to consolidate and evaluate investment possibilities for our business that would take us days or even weeks usually. Now, we can do data acquisition and management with a fraction of the time it took us prior and most of the time-consuming tasks are now fully automated. Besides the consultancy part I am also very happy with the support for selecting the matching hardware for our IT-Infrastructure. We were able to cut operational costs and have now the exactly perfect technological stack for our applications. I can only recommend Maximilian and his team.

Alexander Dodell

General Manager Adlwarth Immobilien GmbH

The work with Max always turned out very positively for our department. We were one of his first clients and since then we always come back to him, as we are always certain to get professional answers and results quickly. His goal-oriented thinking is great for us to solve problems that we have, both on our Web-Applications but also for some of our internal IT processes. I can only recommend him.

Torben Stührmann

Project management university development Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Switzerland

The training of Max was great for our company. We weren't able to run our software in an optimized way before, but now its easy for us to ship everything with modern technologies like Docker et cetera. This helped us to onboard developers faster and reduced our cost of operations a lot.

Ludwig Fischer

Decorello Werbetechnik

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If you don't have the time to create all the content for your website, we offer to create the content for your website instead for you.

Our professional team of texters will ask you 10-15 questions regarding your business and will start to create the content for the whole website for you, so you can lean back and relax while we are working on your brand new application.

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Adobe Commerce/Magento offers powerful solutions for e-commerce projects and is known for its flexibility, convenience for users and customers, and thoughtful software design with excellent performance. Schimmelmann Enterprise eCommerce Consulting has been creating stores based on Magento since 2013.

What distinguishes us as as Magento agency

We have been developing and using Magento e-commerce systems for a long time and are convinced of their quality and reliability. When Magento 2 was launched a few years ago, we also adopted this system and can now offer complete, attractive all-in-one solutions for both domestic and global B2C and B2B customers. We are experts in nimble e-commerce solutions and look forward to helping you achieve your goals. We are your Magento agency of choice!

Robust, agile and designed for growth

Magento is an incredibly powerful tool, with a wealth of features and the potential for extensive customisation for both large and small businesses. It may be necessary to enlist the help of an expert to get the most out of it - and this is where the eCommerce experts of Schimmelmann Enterprise Consulting are coming in. We are a Magento eCommerce agency and have been given the honour of being the 4th best Magento Contributing Partner in the world. Our services are aimed at both large enterprises and growing mid-market companies, and cover everything from starting a new store to post-launch customisation. Additionally, we are equipped to help you build an experience-driven store and launch your omni-channel capabilities.