Tech-Stack and Experiences

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Every Developer once starts with HTML and CSS, but in the past we've gathered an enourmous amount of knowledge on plenty of State-of-the-Art technologies. See here what we've mastered in the past to understand how broad our experience on the technology sector is.

In IT, its often not just different technologies that matters but also service providers that are special on their own. When working with our Experts you can focus on your business whilst we are migrating ourselves into your existing business with ease. From SCRUM or agile teams to non-existent IT-teams, we know how to fit in.





Payment Service Provider

Things we've done so far

Migrations, Redesigns, Team Trainings, APIs, ...

In the past 10+ years, we've built and developed many different things. Often clients find it relevant to understand better what Teams, Agencies or individual Developers have done in the past to identify how good they match into the business.

UI/UX related

  • Marketing Adaptions
  • Newsletter Campaigns and Designs
  • Responsive Webdesign2
  • Redesigns of Legacy projects
  • PDF to HTML
  • Google Analytics Segmentation


  • Webserver Configuration (Nginx/Apache/Litespeed)
  • AWS (+ Terraform/Ansible)
  • Docker-ization of Systems
  • Varnish Setup
  • DDoS Protection
  • Autoscaling


  • Developer Trainings
  • Team-building Measurments
  • Management Tutoring
  • Project Manager Coachings
  • CEO/VP Groundings
  • Raise of Knowledge inside whole companies

Development & Co

  • ultra-fast APIs
  • Symfony Webapplications and Interfaces
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Bugfix
  • Web-Applications for Mobile phones
  • Pre-Sales analysation


  • Analyse existing eCommerce strategies
  • Build strong roadmaps that deliver more power for companies
  • Advertising
  • Omanichannel setups
  • Payment Service Provider Decisions
  • Hiring the right people