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Experts on the eCommerce field from all across Europe - with more than 10 years experienc on the matter. We can provide a single resource or scale up the manpower and use multiple resources, longing from Frontend to Backend Experts and Infrastructural Senior Developers.

It can be challenging to find the right persons for IT projects in- and outside of Europe. With our experience we have grown a valuable network of many experts around Europe to provide meaningful and qualitative support for any kind of eCommerce or IT-project, where as it doesn't matter if you are working in an existing eCommerce company or want to become one. Figure out if we can help you succeeding your expectations and become a better eCommerce company.

Our values and what we believe in...

Teamwork makes the dream work

Work smarter

Planning projects is important - having the knowledge and experience of skilled Developers ensures that you will never have too big or too small expectations.

Quality over Quantity

Having the right people at your project ensure that any project will succeed, without having to worry to waste budget or focus on the wrong things.

Release as planned

Worried about deadlines? Let experts put their hands on your project, so that you will never ever miss a deadline again - by having correctly adapted expectations and demands.


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Rock-solid code

Tax-optimized time sheets

Responsive Web Design

Decade-long knowledge and experience

Solve things that seemed impossible before

24/7 SLA service

... and much more - just ask to figure out how we can assist you

Build strong and fast applications

It doesn't matter if you are still running on Magento1 or Magento2, our Experts can handle it both.

Migrate to any other eCommerce platform

Old software can be replaced with new, modern technologies with ease thanks to our broad knowledge on the matter. We helped huge companies moving forward, and so can you.

Keep existing applications safe and sound

Don't want to change a running system? At least keep it safe - to ensure steady cashflow and maintain a healthy relationship with your customers.

Custom eCommerce experiences can be easily built and maintained with modern Symfony applications.

Selling only very limited sets of products

When you don't need all the massive overhead of a grown-up eCommerce platform, Symfony applications can be the software of choice. Low development costs, easy to maintain and a well documented framework allow a great scalability for any kind of company.

Implement anything

Due to its great structure, nearly any business demand can be wrapped into an existing or new Symfony application with ease.

Next-Level eCommerce applications that match your whole businesses demands. Build and maintain a versatile eCommerce platform that will be able to serve millions of millions of customers, whilst being state-of-the-art.

European Software based on Symfony

When you need much more than just a simple Shop, Sylius is the way to go. Its scalable, fast and secure and its being actively developed inside Europe. No more near- or Offshore horror scenarios and delayed launches.

A framework that adapts your needs

No matter how complex your requirements onto your business are, they will implemented into any existing or new Sylius framework. You can even cross-run a Sylius application alongside your existing eCommerce platform whilst we work on your new Shop to satisfy not just your customers, but also PSPs or other vendors that are slowly demanding newer software to be used.

Running small business eCommerce platforms can cause a lot of pain, especially when you want to adapt into newer business models. Security updates tend to be lesser and lesser released and the performance of such software applications usually is only being improved by adding cache.

Easy to migrate

Most small-scaled businesses run better on a more modern software, that reduces their risks and costs per month, thus ensuring a better cashflow for the business, which can be especially useful during Post-Covid-times.

Our developers can handle your shop perfectly fine

Even if you don't want to change your currently used software, our Developers are able to maintain, improve and secure your existing small-scale application to allow your business to run longer and smoother without risking any potential loss of revenue.

Running a modern shop based on Shopware, but see yourself in the situation where your shop does not fullfil all your customers and businesses demands? No problem thanks to the modern structure of Shopware.

German Software based on Symfony

Shopware matches perfectly for mid-scale businesses that can be scaled and adapted perfectly to your demands and serve thousands of customers without problems.

Adapted to the German market

Whilst most software solutions provide country based solutions, Shopware offers the possibility to perfectly match into your target market.

75% of all online purchases are being done on mobile or tablet devices.

Still running an old website that is not browsable on mobile phones? Use our experience to update your existing website to serve the extremely potent and growing digital market on mobile and handheld devices.

Responsive Webdesign

We can upgrade - without any exception - every application to be (more) responsive. It doesn't matter if your shop already runs for 20 years, if its not optimized for mobile devices you are missing out a lot of revenue.

Close the gap now!

Responsive Webdesign, Mobile Apps, React Native Apps

Unlimited possibilities

Increase your impact on the market and your niche by providing modern solutions that meet customers demands.

A/B testing

Identify exactly what drives your business the most with clever feature implementations that will show which improvement brings the most benefit.

Go mobile!

Progressive Web Apps help you to make sales even when your customers (or your shop) are currently offline, i.e. they have no internet access.

Incredibly fast websites

Make your customers happy with websites that load in less than 1 second - no matter how big your application is.

Integrated solutions

Never worry again which demand can be solved by which agency. Get all the solutions out of one hand.

Global and world wide

Serve customers in asian markets in the same way as you serve customers in your home origin - with the same response times of the application.


See a list of things we can do for you

Optimize for Mobile

Join the trend and become a handheld-browsable eCommerce application so that your customers can use their smartphones and tablets to purchase your products.

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Increase conversion

Turn your visitors into customers - our knowledge on the eCommerce field can help you to increase your revenue and reduce your bounce rate.

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Become a modern company and move forward from a store-based business model to a digital business. Why only sell things to customers that live in the same region as your company resides?

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Bug-free code

Legacy code often contains many logical bugs that causes pain and makes you lose revenue to your competitors. With good code audits and stable features you can keep your customers happy.

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Disaster Recovery

If your website was offline ever before you know the pain of being unable to recover quickly. Our smart Disaster Recovery solutions can bring you back up online in a few minutes so that your business can keep on be available.

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If your application has been designed for different amounts of customers, the shop can become slower thus making you lose potential revenue. Walmart announced a loss of 1% of revenue for each additional 100ms loading time - we can help you to increase response times.

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Cut costs

Grown eCommerce platforms can cause a lot of costs and reduce your overall companies growth and wealth. By implementing modern solutions you can often reduce costs of running and maintaining your application. With the help of our experienced Developers and Business Analysts you can decrease your month-based costs with cost-effective solutions that last longer.

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Beautify the appearance

Make your platform more beautiful - UI/UX improvments can largely drive your customers behavior to put products into their cart and eventually doing the checkout. Based on the experience of our team we can improve the user experience largely and passively increase the conversion rate positively.

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Internationalization is a long word - but has a lot of potential. We can help you to scale your business not just from a digital perspective, but also to onboard new countries with our economic experts. Never be afraid of foreign customers, handle deductable duties and taxes directly inside your eCommerce application or mobile application to meet the demands of foreign governments better and allow your business to grow across borders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have worked together with Start Ups, small Family Businesses, mid-sized and large firms, public and privately held. We have a broad experience that allows us to serve anykind of business properly without overspending budget or costs. It doesn't matter if you serve 100 or 10.000.000 customers per day, our solutions fit any kind of business.

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There is nothing we can't do - its not just a key part of our values, but also what we strongly believe in. Eventually, we were able to resolve every request any customer, no matter the underlying software. If you want to have a talk with us, don't hesitate to send us an E-Mail or have a call so that we can figure it out together - we're very confident about it.

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We strongly believe that dedication and commitment makes the difference. Our customers were always happy with the solutions we provided, that last long, make all kind of stakeholders satisfied and increase the total revenue of the eCommerce application weput our hands on. Exactly this is where the difference is. We don't just want to close a deal, we want to have a long-lasting positive impact on businesses and customers using the respective services.

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Having your own online store offers companies many advantages. First of all, it enables the sale of products or services around the clock, anywhere in the world. This allows companies to expand their target audience and generate more sales. An online store also makes it possible to easily and quickly update the offer and adapt it to the needs of customers. Furthermore, an online store allows companies to improve interaction and exchange with customers and receive valuable feedback. However, an online store also requires conscientious and regular care and maintenance.

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No matter if you're looking for a One-Page-Solution or a huge shop, we can do it all. There is nothing we can't do, as we've seen it all before. Ticket services, regional retailers, luxury fashion experiences, Car sharing solutions, Digitization for traditional industries, ... nothing is impossible.

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The demands of companies can change as quick as the market changes - we know that. Of course we provide a professional communication with you that allows you to adapt your demands and requests on a optimized basis, so that your project receives the attention it deserves.

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We haven't found an issue we weren't able to solve, yet. Feel free to hit us up with any kind of issue you're experiencing with your shop or web application and we will be happy to resolve your request, cost-optimized and with a satisfaction garantuee.

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Having their own online store can be worthwhile for companies in terms of costs, as it generally incurs lower costs compared to traditional sales channels such as retail stores or points of sale. An online store requires no rental or lease costs for a retail store and no personnel costs for sales staff. Advertising and marketing costs can also be lower in many cases, as online marketing tools such as search engine optimization and social media marketing can be used to increase the visibility of the online store. In addition, an online store allows companies to optimize their inventory and storage costs, as they can see exactly which products are most in demand and adjust their order quantities accordingly. Overall, then, having your own online store can help reduce company costs and increase profitability.

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